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One of the things I have come to realize about people is that they love tragedy. I mean, not love-love, but they enjoy watching other peoples’ train wrecks.

You see, if it’s not happening to you, you have reason to feel good about your life/situation. Most people, I would hope, see a real-life tragedy and feel bad/sorry/sad for those experiencing it. Fictional events are watched with fascination – you don’t have to feel bad, but the empathy is there.

Still… There’s that little bit of snug satisfaction when you see other people hurting. It’s as if you know you’re surviving and they are not, your genes will continue, you are strong.

The internet is one of the best places to observe this.
Seriously, go on Facebook and watch what happens when someone posts about some misfortune or another.

A”friend” posted something about life sucking. My only response was something along the lines of “You still live at home with your parents. They pay for your college, your car, your insurance. They still feed you and clothe you. Get over yourself.”
Had I been on twitter, the hashtag #firstworldproblems would have been appropriate.
Why would someone post a status like that in the first place?
Tragedy draws attention.

There are days where I myself have pseudo-vague-book-esque statuses.
Most times, it’s so I can vent a little. But, I usually think better of it and click delete.
Other times, I legitimately want the attention – vague-booking is a great way to start a conversation. The moment someone asks about the status, though, STOP EFFING VAGUE-BOOKING. The whole “I don’t want to talk about it” B.S. is stupid.

Stupid effin’ drama.


I enjoy blogging. Until recently, I didn’t even know this award existed.
It’s nice to know that folks enjoy reading your stuff.
Thank you Cassie from Cassie being Cassie for the nomination; I am so flattered!

I’ve been meaning to link to her blog for a while now. The little nuggets of wisdom, warmth and sensuality are quite enthralling. Seriously – go there.

I found out that there are a few rules to receiving this Lovely Blog Award. To make it easy for folks like me, who are fairly new to the blogosphere, here they are:

Create a link to the sight of the person who gave you the award. See above, she has been linked. 🙂

Write 7 random facts about yourself. See below…check!!

  1. I have arachnophobia. The sight of a spider on a wall, below eye level, sends me into a minor panic, but one over my head (or dangling, ick) makes me break down into a panic attack.
  2. I absolutely believe that cats were put on this world to love us, frustrate us, inspire us, and torture us. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  3. I am an sucker for historical documentaries. As I type this, I am half-watching a bit on the Dark Ages.
  4. With all the craziness that has been going on in Florida, I am pretty sure the zombie apocalypse will happen. I have 30 lbs. of ammo and 2 guns. I still feel under-prepared.
  5. I recently joined a Dianic study group. I don’t expect it to change my views on many things, but I really enjoy learning about strong female religious figures. In my head, they all lead back to Brigid.
  6. Amazon MP3 is my friend. I have gotten so much free (and legal) music – stuff I would have never heard before. I really enjoy getting new music.
  7. Of all desserts, I prefer chocolate ice cream. And I really LOVE desserts.

Finally, create links to some blogs that you think are worth reading …here you go!!

Adventures and Musings of a Hedgewitch
This blog is absolutely brilliant, and she makes me giggle often.

The Dancing Professor
A smart blog. Not a blog that makes you feel like a moron; but really well-written.

Speak Out Though Not Spoken To
Eloquent, witty, stirring. This is a must-read for women, men, and everything between.

This Clever Camera
Do you like photography? Go here.

Raks Almeh Dance Troupe
Belly dance, belly dance, belly dance!



Another birthday has come and gone.
It was a good day – We had build-your-own sundaes at work, I had a great time at class, AND I got to hang out with good friends! I really wish it didn’t take a birthday to get us together, but I’ll take what I can get.

Class was amazing. It was 2 hours of totally kick-butt ATS(r). My arms are tired. So very tired. We learned the reach & sit and drilled that along with a few other moves. Eventually, I’ll be able to do the Turkish Shimmy 1/2 Turn without looking like a jackass. Eventually.

The bar was running a Twitter special – Mention it (the Twitter thing) and get a FREE pint of Murphy’s Irish Stout.
No strings attached. Free effin’ beer.
It’s nice to be good friends with the management… well, it’s nice to be sleeping with the liquor manager who also happens to be in charge of the social media/promotions/whatnot. My husband is pretty awesome.

It was a good time – as you can see below:

My *real* birthday celebration, though, will be on Sunday. It’s the third annual Bohemian Grove Workshop; I’ve signed up for several workshops, bought my ticket into the hafla, and just ordered my offical BG tshirt!

It’s late and I need to go to bed. I have to work in the morning (but, I do have a pass to come in late if I need to).

Happy birthday!

It’s my birthday today.
I don’t usually try to make a big deal out of it. I like to get together with friends for dinner and drinks… but that’s a regular thing for me, it has nothing to do with any specific day.
Today, though, I am 30. Which isn’t a big deal, I don’t think.
But my friends…. they all made a big deal out of their 30th.

So I wonder if I should make a deal of it. Should I?
And I wonder why I don’t want/care to make a deal of it. Is there something wrong with me?

Should I care that I age another year? Is 30  major turning point?
It’s not like when you “become an adult” at 18. Or when you can legally drink at 21. Or when your car insurance drops at 25.

I’m 30.
I don’t feel different.
I don’t look different.

I’m still the me I was 28 minutes ago (according to the clock on my computer right now).
What are your thoughts?
Should his be a big thing?
Or am I NOT crazy for thinking that it’s another year?

Oh, back when I had red hair. I was so young, and… red-headed.

Gir makes me giggle so hard.
We share a love of tacos.

I’ve been doing my best to lead a fairly “natural” lifestyle.
I eat a lot of locally-grown, natural products. I’m phasing out chemical cleaners. I’ve even begun swapping out my health & beauty products.

Let me tell you – my skin has never looked better!

There’s this great little shop in my neighborhood, Opinicus Soaps, that makes all-natural skin-care products. I bought some lotion and lip balm last summer at a neighboring Renaissance Festival and I LOVE them. I was so excited to hear that they will be at our Fest this year; hooray!

Well… in my quest to find new ways to green up my life, I found this great little blog post via Pinterest. For those of you who can’t see the link, here’s a recap:

“Super Silky Summer Legs

Next time you are feeling down, about to binge, going on a date, or just need to pamper yourself, do this. I just did it and I can not stop rubbing my legs together. It feels like I paid for that over expensive pedicure at the salon.


  • 1 1/4 C Sugar (Yup, plain, good-ol’ white sugar)
  • 1/2 C Oil (I used olive oil, but you can use any oil, coconut oil, baby oil, canola oil)
  • 3 tablespoons Citrus (Lime or lemon)
  • 1-2 Razors
  1. Mix everything together in a bowl.
  2. Soak your legs in the tub for 5 minutes.
  3. Shave your legs.
  4. Rub some of this mixture all over your legs. The sugar will help rub off all dirt and dead skin. Rub, rub. Feels like a mini massage.
  5. Rinse it all off, shave again. I would use one razor per leg if you have two. You will be rinsing this razor a lot. I was GROSSED out by the amount of dead skin I was “shaving” off. It was insane! Trust me, you’ll see.
  6. Rub your legs again! Second coat of wax, oh yeah.
  7. Rinse off! You can use a mild soap to help get some of the oil off.
  8. Lotion your legs up, and feel the silkiness!

Now this isn’t just geared to ladies…. guys, if you want to get lucky, I suggest you offer to rub your ladies’ feet with this mix too. It feels awesome, and when you get lucky, you will be thanking me that her rough grandma feet aren’t cutting your legs, if ya know what I’m saying… hahaha.”

I’m off to go do a little pampering. I feel like my feet would really, really enjoy a mini-massage.
Have a great week, everyone!

~Blessed Be~


WordPress is freaking out, apparently.

I just had a totally awesome post about the weather and when I clicked publish, everything disappeared!

Now I’m sad.

I’m going to try this again…. since somehow my original post managed to be deleted.

It’s effin’ hot here.
So hot, in fact, that a local radio station did this and this.
We’ve had heat-related injuries and deaths  over the last week.

With the humidity, the last few days have been steamy. Over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit).
Right now, the weather-folks are saying it is 101 degrees in the Cities. But with the humidity, it feels more like 110.

I’m really glad we got the pool up.

Fortunately, it seems like we’ll get a break. The temps should drop down to a more manageable 80-90 degrees. And, hopefully, we’ll get some rain down here.

Well… I’m going to get ready for a BBQ with friends.
I need to slather on a boat-load of sunblock before my pastey Northgirl self gets out there.
Have a good weekend everyone!

Independence Day

My neighbors have littered the street with fireworks – illegal ones by the way.
I’m sure if I go outside in the ridiculous heat, I’ll find their trash all over my yard.
I usually park my car in the garage, but I was a bit sick last night. I really hope they didn’t damage it. :/

On a day when I should be so very proud of my country, I can help but be ashamed of it’s people.
Lazy, rude, entitled jerkfaces, hell-bent on getting “what they deserve” and what they’re “owed”.
If the founders of this nations saw what we were like today, would they weep? Would they be as ashamed as I am?

Of all of the freedoms we have,  how is it that we keep finding ways to be ungrateful?
So today, folks, lets focus on the things that make this nation great.

And let’s not be dickheads that litter, damage their neighbors’ properties, and let’s not steal their stuff, ok?

A Summer Rant

I am not a small woman, by any means. But I’m also not really a large woman either (whatever that means).
I fall just on the edge of plus-size and not – somewhere around US size 12/14.

You’d think that would be a fairly average size, especially here in the US where the ever-expanding waistband is the constant talk of the town.

So you’d think I would be able to find a swimsuit that would fit comfortably and would provide the support I require up top.
Apparently, though, no woman is shaped with a large top, large middle, and large bottom. Hrm…

Oh, see, if you have ample cleavage, you’re probably hour-glass figured.
Um. Nope.

And if you have a large middle, you chest is probably small.
Definitely not.

Look, internetland and retail world, I’m not a model.
And, as cute as halter tops are, I cannot stress this enough:
My chest is doing a number on my neck and back as it is – I will NOT tie all that weight around my neck.
Good grief.


I’m on a search for a flattering suit. One that can hold my majestic bosom.
Wish me luck.