I’ve been busy helping out in wardrobe (and a bit of crew) with Al-Bahira’s production of “Ifrita Helwa” the last two nights. It’s a lovely experience, and I enjoy every minute of it.
The cast and crew are truly wonderful people.

Seriously, how beautiful is this?!

Today is the last day of the play. I only get to stay for the first half, then I get to rush home so hubby and I can scoot off to Turtle Lake, WI for a mini vacation. 🙂
I am super excited for this… I really need the downtime.

We’re doing a small beer fest-type get-together. One of our friend’s friends does some home brewing but, outside of that, the group is made of of small-town WI boys who drink pseudo-domestic, watered-down, light lagers.
We are bringing a large cooler full of micro-brews, local favorites, and specialty imports that we think will broaden some horizons.

I cannot wait!

Peace to you all.
I’ll see you when I get back!