To of my favorite people are getting married (to each other) today!

I met Keith back in 2005 while I was running bar trivia to raise money for Animal Ark Shelter. He and two friends were sitting at a table in the restaurant. I didn’t often go into the restaurant area for trivia because I felt it would be rude to interrupt folks having dinner. But, one of the servers I knew (because, let’s face it, I was at the bar so often that the management had my phone number) pointed them out to me.
The trivia of the night was “Geek-topia”. It featured topics such as Jim Henson, D&D, Star Wars, Star Trek, and a few other random nerdy movies and games. And yes, if you looked at these three sitting there together, you would just know that they were geeky.They won by a HUGE margin.

Keith met Marie through an dating site a little over a year ago.
Most of us were relieved when he found a girlfriend – it really seemed to calm his angst and, um, frustration.  😉

She really is good for him. They share an interest in photography, movies, and games. And she is one of the sweetest, most intelligent women I have met. She’s bilingual, and open to cultures outside of white-bread American.

I knew that their wedding day wouldn’t be traditional… or boring.
Neither of them is religious. I get the feeling that she, though, is pretty spiritual. So a friend of theirs (who was one of the geeks at the table) will be performing a civil ceremony for them.

They’re getting married at a park here in the Cities. The forecast about a week ago had today as well into the 80s. Now, we’re looking at 70s with a [high] chance of rain.
However, I don’t feel bad about it, or wish for a more “perfect” day.

You see, rain is a GOOD thing.
According to this article and many others, rain is a good omen.

I am very happy for them, and excited to be a part of their big day.