This is what my end of the world looks like:

That’s a whole lotta rain.

Frankly, it’s quite lovely outside. I enjoy the sound of the rain (especially since my Susheela Ramen album is playing). It’s very relaxing. And, since it started raining, my mirgaine is toning down.

I woke up with a start around 5 am… it felt like someone broke in and hit me with a mallet. That was the beginning.
I took the last of my Excedrine to try and get a bit more sleep, ended up over-sleeping and being late for work. Fortunately, my office if pretty forgiving about that – they’re also aware of my migraine issues.

So, crappy start to the day. But it’s getting better.
I can listen to the rain, say a little prayer, and relax. It’s nice and quiet in my office – my boss just left for the weekend, so it’s just me in here. Peace.

~Breathe Deep, Seek Peace~