Well… another Grand Old Day parade has come and gone.
I am tired, sore, and burnt.

And not just any kind of burn, oh no. I am LOBSTER-GIRL (duhn-duhn, dun!)

As a pasty north girl, of western European roots, I find it difficult, to say the least, to be out in the sun for extended hours.

I did apply sunscreen.
And, for the most part, it shows.
My face is only slightly pink. My legs and one arm are still a cool shade of pale.
But the one side that got most of the sun is, um….. fire-engine red. My left should and right over my left breast. You can clearly see where my sash covered, as the burn is at a nice angle.

But it was a great day. It was beautiful and sunny and warm.
And now I need a cold bath and a nap.


You can tell we we having fun.