I have a love-hate relationship with storms.

I love they way the sky smells when rain is about to move in. I love the feel of cool droplets dancing on my body. I love the shady grey sky and how it makes my city look like an old movie. And I absolutely love how a good rain storm can give me the best sleep of my life.

What I hate is that I am my own barometer, so when a rain storm comes my way I can usually tell within 6-8 hours how big it’s going to be based on how much my head throbs.
You see, I suffer from migraines. Most of the time they aren’t too bad; I can function and go about my day with minor issues. But when a big storm comes in, I get very sick.
Sometimes I lose my vision, other times I black out. Mostly, it’s just intense pain and nausea.

We’ve had a series of storms for the last week. Oh, it has certainly been a fun week. I went to bed last night at 7 (way earlier than my typical 2), and woke up at 10. There were a few moments of pseudo-waking up in there; I had to feed the cats, get an ice-pack, and hit the bathroom. For the most part though, it was just sleep with random dreams about the zombie apocalypse and mutant kittens.

To my benefit, though, was this storm is going to be big. So, though my head feels like it is securely locked in a vice and it feels like I got roundhouse kicked in the diaphragm, I slept incredibly well. And that sleep helped relax the rest of my body. Small miracles, eh?

Doctors are on the fence about whether or not people can “feel” a storm coming on, and if changes in temperature or pressure can cause migraines. I’m no doctor, but I can tell you yes, yes it does.

What do you experience when it rains?
Do you love it like I do?
Do you hate it?