Happy Wednesday, folks!

After a good (read: busy) day at work, I decided to skip the gym today and do a little yoga/stretching at home tonight. I also decided that tonight would be a good night to enjoy some quality beers.

So, first up: Fulton’s Sweet Child of Vine IPA.
It has a light, crisp, sweet tang to it that is simply delightful. And, if I might add, goes rather nicely with my spinach, feta, and garlic burger.

I haven’t decided on my next beer yet, we’ll see how long it takes me to write the post.

We have a new gal in the office. She’s a peach.
Also, she’s a little nerdy like me. We have already bonded over our love of Dr. Who. And we both got a giggle out of several of our office mates not knowing about the good Dr. 🙂

Our sensory analysis guy is out of the office this week, so our former department head is in covering for him. He’s a good guy – he even gave me a gift card to my favorite bar/restaurant!
Seriously, gang, my job and coworkers are awesome.

No tribal dance class tonight, which is a bummer. My instructor is out of town this week. And we’re in between sessions for Cabaret, so it’s a pretty lazy week for me extracurricular-wise. I’m ok with that, though; I’m pretty sure I need the break. After my kick-butt performance on Sunday, I’m a little wiped out.

I also need some time to plan my summer activities.
I’m the summer parades coordinator for my St. Patrick’s Day group. So I need to get all our dates down.

Busy, busy, busy.
Ok… short post today, I guess.
I’m going to finish my dinner and enjoy this IPA.

Um, yeah…. it’s just coffee. Nothin’ in here but coffee….. really.

~Blessed Be~