Oh boy.

It’s been a couple days; I needed to take some time to rest and recoup. With the loss of Peanut and the slew of fill-my-time-so-I-don’t-snap activities to keep my mind off that, I’ve been exhausted. It took me a few days, but I can now talk about her without breaking down in a puddle of tears.

I missed it posting about World Belly Dance Day yesterday. 😦
I celebrated by dancing at a hafla hosted by Kamala Chaand Dance Company (where I take my ATS classes).

I danced my first ever solo (even though I’ve been taking Egyptian Cabaret classes for 4 years) and then danced 2 duets – one with my teacher and one with her daughter. They are both amazing people.
And now my arms are tired and sore.  🙂

I think I’m going to schedule myself to blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, plus special holidays and events. That should keep me consistent and fresh.

Blessed Be, my friends!