I’ve had a lot of serious matters pop up lately, so for a quick change of pace (and so my readers don’t think I’m a depressing character), let me share a little bit about one of my hobbies.

I’m a dancer – well, a dance student.
I’ve taken Egyptian Cabaret classes for the past 4 years. Belly dance excites me. It’s not only because it is moderately taboo for a Midwestern girl, but because I’m actually learning to dance. Dancing has always been something that has escaped me – I’ve mentioned before that I have to left feet, both facing the wrong way.

I have no delusions of dancing for large crowds, or for money, I just want to dance. The way the music resonates in me, through me… it brings me little moments of peace. Especially when I am worried and stressed (like lately) dance is one of the things that can help me, at least for a while, relax and be happy.

If I ever get a decent video of me dancing, I’ll post it. I will someday; I’ve been working on the same darn choreography for months.