Miss Peanut is home now. She has a feeding tube in, to try and get her hydrated and easily medicated. She was pretty dehydrated, which we figured, so for now we have to try to make her comfortable and get her to drink water and eventually eat solid foods.

We’re only at day one, so she’s still a little lethargic, and not all too happy about having been at the vet overnight. She’s one a pain med (essentially morphine), an anti-inflammatory, and her regular cancer treatment, prednisolone. Fortunately, they gave me a few days of liquid prednisolone, which will be easier to give to her while she’s got the tube in.

If we don’t see any marked improvement by Monday, we’ll have to make a decision that I don’t really want to make.
We just kind of have to wait and see now.

~Blessed Be~

Home from the hospital