To the Celts, there is a strong correlation between friendship and love. It is believed that the soul radiates from within

the body, so much that it envelopes the physical form (this is typically referred to as “aura”). When you share a bod with another individual, and are open, honest, and trusting, your souls being to combine in harmonious fluidity. This is called Anam Cara, which translates to  “soul friend”.

As soul friends, you accept each other wholly, recognizing not only your inner beauty, but theirs as well. Celtic tradition believes that Anam Cara helps a person discover their own true nature, enabling them to experience the joys of the people and world around them.

Having a soul friend is having a deeply spiritual connection. You share your secrets, confessions, and intimate details with your Anam Cara. A bond this deep transcended the physical world and the conventions of order. The soul is a light that envelopes and warms you and your love.

When you are blessed with Anam Cara, the Irish believe, you have arrived at the most sacred of places – home.

Source: “Anam Cara…Wisdom from the Celtic World”, by John O’Donohue